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14BLU Team

Jan 28 2013
















Congratulations NACA 14BLU for WINNING GOLD at the NASA BASH!!!!!  So proud of you all!!











Congratulations NACA 14BLU for winning K2 Club Clash in Sevierville Jan 21/22.  So proud of you ladies and your coaches!!




















14BLU:  Coach Doug Taylor/ Coach Stephanie Lee:
Riley Anderson
Sophie Batchelor
Kate Bray
Joy Brown
Abigail Burnett
Caroline Cartron
Emma Cash
Lori Chapman
Jonah Harper
Rachel Jenkins
Hannah Laten
Kaitlyn Warner


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15BLK Team

Dec 15 2012








Congratulations NACA 15BLK for WINNING SILVER in POWER at the NASA Bash!  So proud of you all!!


Way to bring home SILVER 15BLK!!!!!!!!!!


Fun Dirty Santa Party!  Is that a toilet lid???!!!!



15BLK:  Coach Scott Jones/ Coach Heather Sodade: 
Jamie Archer
Kira Daniel
Erin Eurton
Sela Gaddy
Shannon Gillman
Haley Jones
Marissa Koch
Savannah McCluskey
Anna Mitchell
Juanita Monteiro-Pai
Madison Quigley


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15RED Team

Dec 14 2012












Congratulations NACA 15RED for WINNING GOLD at the NASA BASH!!!!!!  So proud of you all!!







































NACA 15RED looking official 🙂

15RED:  Coach Scott Ingwersen:  
Annie Edwards
Grace Engels
Chloe Frame
Mary Keel
Tori Moffett
Sophie Paull
Jamie Solano
Samantha Woods




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16BLU Team

Jan 29 2011











Way to bring home Silver 16BLU!!!!!













NACA 16BLU 2017 Resized











16BLU:  Coach John Watkins:  
Hannah Anderson
Riley Edger
Abby Hawkins
Abby Jones
Sarah Knott
Nhi Le
Samantha Norton
Rylee Snell (Team Manager)
Taylor Snell
Samantha Stewart
Ellie Walker
Kailyn Wilken


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18BLU Team

Jan 28 2011















Congratulations NACA 18BLU for WINNING Silver at AAU Super Regionals!  So proud of you ladies and your coaches!









Team Bonding 🙂























181_crazy_2016 resized










181 2016 resized












18BLU:  Coach Alex Owen/Coach Charity Powell:
Emma Campbell
Savannah Clay
Renee Cumming
Reagan Harmon
Skyler Hamilton
Callie Neiland
Tyler Reis
Siarah Tribble
Allison Tucker
Allison Willis



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Mar 08 2010

Welcome to NACA!    If you have questions about NACA, please make sure to email our Director…click the “email the director” link at the bottom of  our site.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Tournament Results 2017

  • Mar 11/12: 15BLK places second in GOLD in 17 Club division at St. Paddy's Day Festival in Franklin, TN.
  • Mar 11: 14BLU places THIRD at BVC Heff Memorial in Birmingham, AL.
  • Mar 04/05: 18BLU wins SILVER at AAU Super Regionals in Nashville.
  • Feb 25/26: 15RED wins GOLD in club division at NASA Bash in Huntsville.
  • Feb 25/26: 14BLU wins GOLD in club division at NASA Bash in Huntsville.
  • Feb 25/26: 15BLK wins SILVER in POWER division at NASA Bash in Huntsville.
  • Feb 18/19: 16BLU wins SILVER at President's Day in Music City in Nashville.
  • Feb 18: 15BLK places THIRD in 17 Division at Choo Choo Tournament in Chattanooga.
  • Feb 18: 18BLU places SECOND at Choo Choo Tournament in Cleveland.
  • Feb 5: 15RED places SECOND at RCVC tournament in Huntsville.
  • Feb 4: 18BLU places THIRD at Choo Choo Tournament in Chattanooga.
  • Jan 28/29: 15BLK wins SILVER in 15 POWER division at K2 Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville.
  • Jan 28/29: 18BLU places second in SILVER in 18 POWER division at K2 Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville.
  • Jan 21/2214BLU wins GOLD at K2 Club Clash in Sevierville.