NACA 2014 Clinic with Head Coach John Watkins:  6 - 8 PM Oct 30  Weatherly Heights Baptist Church (full)


NACA 2014/2015 Season TryoutsMark your calendars!!! 

  • Date:  November 1, 2014
  • Location:    Jackson Way Baptist Church at 1001 Andrew Jackson Way
  • Fee:  $35
  • Time:  8:00 AM to noon
  • 8:00 to 8:30:  Registration:  The Core Entrance:  Fellowship Hall
  • 8:30 to 9:00:  Parent's Meeting
  • 9:00 to 12:00 Tryouts  


What you need to do:

  • Please pre-register on our website.  (Tryout T-shirts included for players who pre-register by Oct. 26)
  • Go to Member Registration.  Follow site instructions and bring a copy of your player's SRVA registration to tryouts.  (DO NOT PAY ANY FEES.  This is done by the club you chose to play with.)  Please note that a notarized Medical Release Form from SRVA is not required at tryouts.  You will need to bring  a notarized SRVA Medical Release Form when you commit to a club.   Keep checking back for future updates!  Email the director (link below) with any questions!  Cannot wait for club season to begin! 
  • Make-up tryouts November 6:  Please contact Director using link below for information


NACA 2014/2015 Coaching Staff:

  • 13U:  Coach Doug Taylor
  • 14U:  Head Coach John Watkins; Assistant Coach Stephanie Lee (Bio to be added to website)
  • 15U:  Head Coach John Watkins; Assistant Coach Stephanie Lee (Bio to be added to website)
  • 16U:  Coach Alex Owen; Assistant Coach Amanda Hunter
  • 17U:  Coach Scott Ingwersen


Thank you 2014 NACA players and families for a great season!  We appreciate every player and family who played with us and wish you a great end to the school season, a fun-filled summer and continued volleyball fun!!   NACA is pleased to post special congratulations to three teams placing in the TOP TEN at SRVA Club Regionals: 


Congratulations to 151 NACA Slam for an AMAZING season.  Your tournament results:  one third place, two second place  and FOUR first place wins!!  HUGE congrats for your SECOND PLACE FINISH out of 77 teams at SRVA Club Regionals in Birmingham!!! 


Congratulations to 161 NACA Blackout for having a wonderful regionals!!  HUGE congrats for your EIGHTH PLACE FINISH out of 71 teams at SRVA Club regionals in Atlanta, Georgia!!


Congratulations to 131 NACA Chaos for  having a wonderful regionals!!  HUGE congratulations  for your NINTH place finish out of 52 teams at SRVA Club regionals in Birmingham!!!


13U Team

Jan 28 2013

April 12/30 SRVA Club Regionals in Birmingham, AL:

2014 NACA 131 Regionals










Way to play NACA Chaos!  You ladies worked hard and took 9th place!!  So proud of each of you!!  Thank you, our coaches  and our NACA families for a great season!

2014 NACA 131 Regionals crazy









March 29/30 Nashville Open in Franklin, TN:

NACA 131 2014 Nashville Open










I’m sorry, but with a picture this cute, it gets posted, even when a little blurry! 

March 15 Gadsden VBC City of Champions:

NACA 131 Gadsden three player shot










NACA 131 Gadsden seven player shot










Congratulations NACA Chaos for placing third in the Gadsen VBC City of Champions!  Special shout out to Colby King for 22 great hits in a match….teamwork creates the opportunity for successful offense!  Go NACA Chaos!!

March 1st and 2nd: NASA Bash 13 Club Division in Huntsville:

2014 131 NASA Bash Team picture










Post from Coach Nicole:  “Coming Together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”  -Henry Ford   

Good Effort NACA 131!  You ladies played well and placed 5th out of 12 teams!  Proud of your hard work and the growth you have already made as a team this season! 

Feb 22 Choo Choo Tourney Chattanooga:

2014 131 Choo Choo team pic 1










Post from Coach Nicole:  One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say that individuality counts but team work dynamites.” -Jin Kwon

Feb 8 Cupid’s Battle Muscle Shoals:

131 Cupids Battle 4n resized










Good job 131 NACA Chaos for placing fourth at the Cupid’s Battle Tournament!











Jan 25 Team Sting Freeze Fest Birmingham:

Congratulations 131 NACA Chaos for placing third at the Team Sting Freeze Fest Tourney!  You played awesome!! 

You ladies keep it up!!

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14U Team

Dec 15 2012

March 15 Team Sting Spring Sting:

Congratulations NACA 141 for taking 3rd place at Team Sting Spring Sting!!!   Post from Coach Amanda:  ” So proud of my team!!  You fought and won against some tough competition and scored more “kills” than all other tournaments combined!!   You ladies have clicked and we plan on taking it all the way!  Way to persevere in a game, winning it 32-30. ”  Go NACA 141!!

Feb 22 Choo Choo Tournament in Tennessee:

2014 141 Choo Choo huddle jump









GO NACA!!   Coach Amanda and our 141 team kept the enthusiasm going as they played Saturday.  NACA went in fighting and kept at it, not leaving pool play but pushing hard with close matches all day.  Proud of your ladies improvement!  Keep it up!

Feb 8 Cupid’s Battle Tournament Muscle Shoals:

2014 141 Cupids Battle Time Out revised 








 2014 141 Cupids Battle Huddle revised









 Good Job NACA 141…way to play hard in your first tournament!  Coach Amanda is  proud of your stamina and your strong  play at the finish.  Keep growing together and have fun!!

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15U Team

Dec 14 2012

April 12/13 SRVA Club Regionals Birmingham, AL:

NACA Slam 2014 Regionals













Congratulations NACA Slam on your SECOND PLACE finish at SRVA Regionals out of 77 teams.  The NACA SLAM MACHINE was in force at regionals, with you ladies winning all of your matches in two prior to the final match.  We met some strong teams and fought hard for those wins and I couldn’t be more proud of each of you!  NACA Slam would not have been as successful without the love, trust and support each player has for each other and Coach Alex, as well as the unified support from the parents.    So proud of you ladies and all your hard work this season!   Your final win/loss record is 81:11.  Amazing!!  Thank you to our NACA Slam ladies and their families for all your hard work and making this season possible!!!

2014 NACA 151 regionals circle










March 29/30 Nashville Open in Franklin, TN:

NACA 151 2014 Nashville Open










Congratulations NACA Slam for placing 2nd at the Nashville Open!  It was a tough three game championship match and we are proud of you win or lose!!  You ladies look great in your new NACA warm-up shirts!   A BIG thank you to You Name It for supplying NACA with wonderful uniforms and spirit wear!!   

March 15th Gadsden VBC City of Champions:

NACA 151 Gadsden winners












 NACA 151 Gadsden silly winners









NACA 151 Gadsden Guns









Congratulations NACA Slam for WINNNG the Gadsden VBC City of Champions!  Your record now stands at 58/5 (wins/losses.)   Congratulations to Grace Spotswood for setting a new NACA serving record….20 in  row!! 

Happy moments, praise God.  Difficult moments, seek God.  Quiet moments, worship God.  Painful moments, trust God.  Every moment, thank God. -unknown

March 1st and 2nd NASA Bash (Huntsville) 15 Club Division Tournament Champions:

2014 151 NASA Bash win number 1








2014 151 NASA Bash silly








2014 151 Nasa Bash win








Congratulations NACA Slam for WINNING the NASA Bash 15 Club Division Tournament!   Your record now stands at 47/4 (wins/losses.) 

Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble.
–John Madden

Our girls in a nutshell:  stand for what they believe in, play tough, have class and stay humble.  Love our ladies!

February 22 Choo Choo Tournament in Tennessee:

2014 151 Choo Choo Win Resized










CONGRATULATIONS NACA SLAM for WINNING the Feb. 22 Chattanooga tournament!  Your record now stands at 35 and 3 (wins/losses.)  You ladies are playing so hard this season!  Choo Choo Tournament was no exception with some exceptional volleyball play, excellent teamwork and hard work.  Keep playing hard and having fun…you ladies are a joy to watch!

Feb 8 Cupid’s Battle Tournament in Muscle Shoals:  2014 151 Cupids Champions resized









2014 151 Medals resized









  Congratulations 151 NACA Slam for winning GOLD at the Cupid’s Battle Tournament!  Undefeated all day and ended the night 12-0…go NACA!   So proud to watch you ladies play and grow in talent, sportsmanship and teamwork!  You play so well together:  encouraging each other in tough times, celebrating each other’s successes and  showing grace win or lose.  You ladies make your parents and coach so very proud!  

2014 151 Cupids Happy Court resized










2014 151 Cupid group resized










2014 151 Cupids Elbow Tag RCVC resized








Fun game of elbow tag with friends from RCVC at Cupid’s Battle Tournament.

Jan 25 Choo Choo Tournament:

Congratulations 151 NACA Slam for placing third in the Jan 25 Choo Choo Tournament!   First tournament this season, fourteen teams attended, and you ladies walked out with third!!   The tournament showcased our team’s ability to work together, communicating and fighting hard till the end!!!    You ladies played amazing and we are so proud of you!

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16U Team

Jan 29 2011

March 29/30 Battle of the Regions in Muscle Shoals:

Congratulations NACA Blackout for placing third in Muscle Shoals!  You ladies continue to play hard and perform well!   We are so proud of you!

March 15 Team Sting Spring Sting in Birmingham:

2014 NACA 161 Birmingham arms up









2014 NACA 161 Birmingham









Congratulations to our 161 NACA Blackout ladies for placing 3rd at the Team Sting Spring Sting Tournament!!  Post from Coach Scott:  “  You ladies played hard and had fun, but are hungry for more!”  Keep it up NACA Blackout!!

March 1st and 2nd NASA Bash 16 Club Division in Huntsville:

Congratulations to our 161 NACA Blackout ladies for placing 3rd in the NASA Bash 16 Club Division!  So PROUD of you!!   

February 8 Cupid’s Battle in Muscle Shoals:

2014 161 Cupids Championship resized









2014 161 medals resized 








 Congratulations to 161 NACA Blackout for taking GOLD in the Cupid’s Battle Tournament!  Came out of pool play number one and never stopped playing.  You ladies proved what you are made of….you never gave up,  even when you were down and conquered what seemed to be a unrecoverable game.  So proud of each of you and grateful for supportive families that make it all possible.

2014 161 Team circle picture resized









2014 161 cupids with Scott resized









January 25 Icebreaker Tournament in Franklin TN:

 Congratulations to 161 NACA Blackout for placing third  in the Icebreaker Tournament!  Tough ten team tournament (say that fast ten times!)  You fought hard for every win and earned the third place finish!  So proud of all you ladies!!  (Oh, and Coach Scott too) :)

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18U Team

Jan 28 2011

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Mar 08 2010

Welcome to NACA!    If you have questions about NACA, please make sure to email our Director…click the “email the director” link at the bottom of  our site.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Tournament Results 2014

  • Apr 26/27:  16U takes 8th at SRVA Club Regionals out of 71 teams
  • Apr 12/13:  15U take 2nd at SRVA Club Regionals out of 77 teams
  • Apr 12/13:  13U takes 9th at SRVA Club Regionals out of 52 teams
  • Mar 29/30:  16U takes 3rd at Battle of the Regions in Muscle Shoals 
  • Mar 29/30:  15U takes 2nd in Gold at Nashville Open in Franklin
  • Mar 15:  16U takes 3rd at Team Sting Spring Sting
  • Mar 15:  15U takes 1st at Gadsden VBC City of Champions 
  • Mar 15:  14U takes 3rd at Team Sting Spring Sting
  • Mar 15:  13U takes 3rd at Gadsden VBC City of Champions
  • Mar 1/2:  15U takes 1st in Club Division at NASA Bash in Huntsville
  • Mar 1/2:  16U takes 3rd in Club Division at NASA Bash in Huntsville
  • Feb 22:  15U  takes 1st and are Tournament Champions at Choo Choo Tourney in Chattanooga
  • Feb 8:  15U takes GOLD at Cupids Battle in Muscle Shoals
  • Feb 8:  16U takes GOLD at Cupids Battle in Muscle Shoals
  • Jan 25:  15U Takes 3rd at Choo Choo Tournament in Soddy Daisy 
  • Jan 25:  13U takes 3rd at Team Sting Freeze Fest in Birmingham
  • Jan 18/19:  16U takes 3rd at  Icebreaker Tournament in Franklin